Simple from Burlodge

Burlodge has established a reputation in our industry for always challenging the status quo.

When it comes to speed cooking or regeneration of meals, we wanted to develop an effective, durable and reliable system that would rival a microwave. It needed to be user friendly, occupy a low footprint and be flexible for all needs. Thus, the Simple was born. Showcasing clever design, simplicity is what actually denes its added value.

The Technology

Simple is a combi oven with a twist as it utilises a unique heating system. The suction and convection of the hot air flow, used on all Simple models, is distinguished by a manufacturing geometry that ensures:

• a greater heat concentration on the food being cooked, which enhances the cooking speed. Chilled and frozen meals are readily accommodated whether plated or in bulk formats.

• With more powerful heating supplied by efficiently designed special elements, the SIMPLE 4 Level GN 1/1 can reheat 16 frozen plated meals in 16 minutes.

Simple allows immediate front access to the oven’s vital parts. Simply open a panel for easy maintenance.

With intuitive functionality and straightforward programming, the Simple can be operated with ease. It allows the operator full freedom and offers food service professionals excellent support.

Designed with the medium-small foodservice chef in mind, Simple is especially well-suited for pantry-based or POD assembly systems that demand fast regeneration. Its ease of use combined with its ergonomic design also promotes better overall safety measures.

All models of Simple allow for the selection of:

  • Convection Heat
  • Steam Heat
  • Combination of Steam and Convection Heat

Simple is available in the following capacities:

  • 4 Shelves Sized 2/3 GN (with cabinet light and steam condenser Standard)
  • 4 Shelves Sized 1/1 GN (with cabinet light and steam condenser Standard)
  • 8 Shelves Sized 1/1 GN (with cabinet light and steam condenser Standard)
  • 12 Shelves Sized 1/1 GN (with cabinet light and steam condeser Standard)

Options Include:

  • Hand Shower and Hose
  • Decalcifier
  • Right Hand Door Hinge
  • Support Stand
  • Support Stand with Tray Slides