Make Room For The Optima RS

Untitled-1We suspect that one day in the not too distant future all food service operators will cast a look back on how meals were once prepared for delivery and simply shake their heads in amazement. That’s because there’s little reason operations still have to cope with outmoded standards when better options are readily available.

Consider, for example, the use of insulated meal tray containers, which actually provide no active temperature maintenance and result in food that’s never at its optimum temperature. Then there are passive temperature maintenance systems, such as induction or heated plate pellet style bases, which feature overly heavy meal trays upon which cold food has little chance of remaining cold. In both these systems special tray ware is required that only fits the particular system, which typically translates into objectionable replacement costs.

This leads us, naturally, to a far simpler and more effective notion: what about a system that could keep hot food hot and cold food cold all on one cart using any type of trayware? The answer is well within reach right now, and it’s called the Optima RS (Room Service), a small and manageable, lightweight cart that, once connected to a regular power supply, will charge the hot side of the cart while perfectly cooling the other side. Where other food operations will deploy a food cart every 20 minutes whether it is full or not, or may fill and hold the cart until it is ready for patient service, with the Optima operators can opt to move the cart to the ward earlier and leave it plugged into a 120 connection until ready to deliver.

Slide a tray into the Optima RS – yes, any sort of tray – and the self-sealing divider will ensure your separate parts of the tray are kept in distinct temperature-controlled environments. The tray is kept flat and the equipment lends itself to any type of service, including china, plastics, paper and foil. The sectioned compartment design of the Optima RS ensures when a tray is added or removed from the cart, only a small number of other trays are open to the outside, thereby regulating temperature control.


The design of Optima RS’s unique single tray system enables the delivery of plated meals on a one-piece flat tray. There are two tray sizes: the “575FT” 575mm / 22.6” wide Flat Tray has an equal area between the hot and cold sections. This provides a larger area for cold items and achieves individual meal requirement without any restrictions. The “530FT” 530 mm / 20.9” wide Flat Tray allows for the hot and cold side to be varied in area depending on where the tray is inserted into the divider wall.

Typical of Burlodge equipment, the ergonomic handle on the Optima RS upholds our commitment to human friendly interaction. Polycarbonate doors are transparent and are mounted on heavy gauge hinges with magnetic latching and lightweight aluminum handles.

The control panel is a fully programmable LCD display that indicates both hot and cold cart air temperatures.

Burlodge offers the Optima RS in a short size with two chambers accessible from either side. Each chamber is divided into a hot and cold section by means of the removable insulated thermal barrier. As well, each chamber is fitted with cold and hot section transparent doors. The Short Model (used commonly for Room Service) can accommodate a total of 16 or 12 trays.

Now do you think you’re ready to put that tired, out-of-date equipment behind you? It’s time to look forward to how Burlodge can enhance your room service with equipment that is built for today’s operations as well as the challenges of tomorrow to come.