Chocolate good heart

How chocolate is actually good for the heart

As a chocolate lover you always look for ways to add chocolate into your everyday diet. Now, of course the whole “moderation” term is almost impossible to follow with chocolate, because people say, “you can never have too much chocolate”. Chocolate is said to be the most popular food types and flavors in the world and a growing number of studies have suggested that chocolate can be a heart healthy choice.

For a person who is trying to maintain a healthy life style, chocolate might not be the first ingredient or snack in their diet. But the question is, why? What is so unhealthy about chocolate? “Most chocolate ingredients contain added fat, sugar and calories, and this can lead to weight gain, risk factor for high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.” (Katherine Zeratsky,, 2014) Although there is not enough evidence to link chocolate consumption to reduced risk of diabetes, stroke and heart attack, searching for the healthiest chocolate option is a must and remembering to keep chocolate consumption at small amounts is key.


“Cocoa, which is found more in dark chocolate, is low in sugar and fat while also offering some health benefits.” (Katherine Zeratsky,, 2014) Flavonoids, which are in cocoa beans contain antioxidants that reduce cell damage, implicated in heart disease and also lower blood pressure and improve vascular function. Therefore, when shopping for chocolate or chocolate items make sure you are looking for dark chocolate, which will provide you with health benefits while at the same time satisfying your sweet tooth for you chocolate lovers. Avoid milk chocolate or white chocolate because they are not a good source of flavonoids and therefore, offer few health benefits. Also avoid commercial chocolates because they are highly processed and if they are processed this means that all the good ingredients are lost through the process and flavonoids which provide most of the health benefits in chocolate are lost through the processing.


Ultimately, there is no evidence-based research that states a specific amount of chocolate that will provide evident health benefits, and more research is to be done. Moreover, with this research you can now enjoy chocolate and not feel guilty while eating it, based on the facts you have learned. But don’t forget to make smart choices while choosing chocolate and always go for dark chocolate. As hard as it may be with chocolate consumption: moderation is key!


Here are some tips to keep you chocolate lovers healthy:


  • Since flavonoids are not on the nutritional label it is important that you find dark chocolate that contains at least 60% of cocoa solid.
  • Try using cocoa powered in baking or beverages; this will reduce fat and calories.
  • “If you enjoy chocolate flavor, add plain cocoa to your low-fat milk or morning oats.” (Katherine Zeratsky,, 2014)
  • Avoid any chocolates that contain candy coating, creamy fillings or added nuts, this will increase fat and calories and are lower in flavonoids.
  • Always make sure to keep portions small, so moderation is key!
  • Add shredded dark chocolate pieces to your yogurt
  • Mix a variety of different nuts and add a couple of pieces of dark chocolate to the mix.