The Future of Food in Healthcare: 2012 Canadian Foodservice Conference

HFS’s The Future of Food in Healthcare Conference takes place October 16-17, 2012 in Ottawa, Ontario.

Below you will find a detailed schedule of events taken from the conference PDF program (which is available here) – you can also go directly to the HFS website to learn more about this exciting conference.

Here’s the breakdown of events:

Tuesday, October 16


Welcome and Opening Remarks

• Brad McKay, CEO, HFS Healthcare Food Services, Ottawa


Plenary Session #1: Leadership – The Best Shift of Your Life

• Presented by Kathleen Wood of Kathleen Wood Partners

• Kathleen is the founder of Kathleen Wood Partners, LLC, an innovative growth strategy firm, specializing in shifting leaders and businesses to new levels of success. Kathleen and her partners offer result driven solutions for hospitality, healthcare, service, manufacturing and retail clients. Her firm consistently works with Fortune 500 leaders, INC 1000 founders and entrepreneurs.


Tasting Break

10:45AM – Noon

Plenary Session #2: Beyond the RDA and Nitrogen Balance: Understanding the Role of Protein in Successful Aging

• Presented by: Dr Stuart Phillips Professor and Associate Chair Graduate Studies, Dept Kinesiology, McMaster University

• Dr Phillips is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American College of Nutrition (ACN). His research is focused on the impact of nutrition and exercise on human skeletal muscle protein turnover. As well he is keenly interested in diet and exercise-induced changes in body composition. The implications of these findings for the gain and maintenance of muscle mass in older persons will be discussed along with recent clinical data showing the impact of whey protein supplementation in frail older people.

Noon – 1:30PM


1:30 – 2:30PM

Plenary Session #3: Innovative Meals and Meal Service: What can we learn from Europe, Asia and Australia?

• Presented by: Philippe Denis, Export Director, Burlodge, Italy

•Philippe is a Professional Chef and graduate in Food Service Management from Instute du Tourisme et d’Hotellerie du Quebec. For 12 years he managed food production for 4 major hospitals in Quebec before becoming an operational consultant for a company in Canada specializing in the design and implementation of production kitchens and meal delivery logistics in both acute and longterm care market sectors. Philippe is currently based in Italy and travels the world as Export Manager for Burlodge

Concurrent Seminar Options

All sessions will run from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM with a 20 minute Refreshment Break timed to best suit each seminar


Concurrent Seminar #1: Learn the “power of words”; How to apply ’speech act distinctions’ to generate the results you want.”

• Presented by: Michael Worsfold, President, Partnering Designs Inc, Vancouver

• Mike is a graduate of the Newfield Certified Coach Training Program at University of Calgary and has completed the Immunity to Change Facilitator Training at Harvard Graduate School. During his 40 years of practical experience creating and managing businesses doing training and consulting with a wide range of organizations, people have often told Mike that they appreciate his ability to cut through the fog and bring a practical approach to coaching conversations. In this seminar Mike builds on the principle that “leaders generate results through language – through conversation”. Normally we look through language at results without seeing the connection. Frequently change triggers emotionally reactive conversations. Peoples’ conversation is “having them” rather than the other way around. The invitation is to observe performance breakdowns as symptomatic of ineffective or missing conversations. Our intention is to offer a framework and some practical tools for managing conversations purposefully to generate the results you want.


Concurrent Seminar #2: Career by Design….Not Drift

• Presented by: Mary Wheeler RN, MEd, PCC, DonnerWheeler, Toronto

• Mary is a certified coach and career development consultant with expertise in organization and human resource development and coaching. At DonnerWheeler, she and her partner, Gail Donner, are known for their innovation and collaboration including their career planning and development model. At The Future of Food in Healthcare Conference Sept 2011, those who participated in Mary’s workshop recommended bringing her back again so that another group of 30 delegates could benefit as they had from this powerful workshop. Space is limited for this seminar.


Concurrent Seminar #3:“Celebrating Generational Diversity”

• Presented By: Sean Lyons PhD, Professor of Leadership and Organizational
Behaviour, The College of Management and Economics, University of Guelph

• Dr. Lyons’s main area of research concerns inter-generational differences and their impacts on workplace dynamics and managing people. His research on generational differences in work values and attitudes has been widely featured in the media including the Globe & Mail’s Report on Business, McLean’s Magazine, the CBC News The National, BusinessNews Network and CBC Radio. Dr. Lyons works frequently with private and public sector organizations to identify and address intergenerational issues. The purpose of this seminar is to raise awareness of differences in the values of members of the four generations of workers in today’s workplace and marketplace to build understanding of the importance of these differences. The information that is presented will reflect research findings as well as anecdotal evidence in order to get beyond popularly held stereotypes. The outcome of this session is a heightened awareness of the deep rooted source of generational value differences and the importance of these differences to a diverse workplace.


Concurrent Seminar #4: A Tour of the HFS Food Manufacturing Plant, Ottawa

• In response to the many requests received from ‘out of town delegates’, the HFS team will provide you with a detailed tour of their facilities. Those attending will have the opportunity to sample and provide feedback on a number of new products being developed for launch in early 2013. Transportation will be provided to the HFS plant and attendees will be returned to the Shenkman for the networking reception. Space is limited.

2:30 – 5:00PM

Concurrent Seminar #5: Tour of SOHFi Project at Queensway Carleton Hospital

• SOHFi is now hospital wide at The Queensway Carleton Hospital! Tour this Simply Outstanding Hospital Foodservice Initiative with Caralan Dams, Foodservices Manager, as your guide. Space is limited.


Networking Reception

• Held in the Shenkman’s beautiful main lobby where you can enjoy a variety of foods along with drinks while catching up with friends and colleagues or meeting new people from your industry!


Gathering Spot for Delegates at D’Arcy McGee’s on Shenkman Plaza

• The Shenkman’s door may have closed, but the excitement isn’t over yet! Just a 3 minute walk from the Shenkman you can continue to enjoy the company of your fellow colleagues.

Wednesday, October 17


Opening Remarks/Review of Oct 16th Highlights

• Brad McKay, CEO, HFS Healthcare Food Services, Ottawa


Plenary Session #4: The Purple Goldfish Project – Secrets to Patient Satisfaction

• Presented by: Stan Phelps, Chief Solutions Officer, Synergy Events, Norwalk, Conn

• As a marketer extraordinaire, Stan works with Synergy’s clients to provide consumer experiences that are memorable and meaningful. Through the Purple Goldfish Project, Stan is helping managers understand the value of creating signature, unexpected moments….unique ways of engaging customers and their employees. There are lessons with relevance to employee engagement and patient/resident satisfaction in healthcare.


Tasting Break

10:30 – 11:45 AM

Concurrent Session #1: When it comes to performance and satisfaction, how do you collect meaningful data and then what?

• Presented by Mary Fraser PhD, Account Director, NRC Picker Canada and Peter
Rick RD, MBA, Sales Director, NRC Picker Canada, Toronto

•Dr Fraser holds a doctorate in Public Health Studies with a specialization in experimental research and healthcare evaluation. At NRC Picker Canada, she provides expertise on research design, tool and report development, and for clients, interprets and presents survey results. Peter, brings his credentials and experience as a dietitian and chef to the business of developing new opportunities for NRC Picker Canada. Both are passionate about the best experience possible for patients and employees of Canadian healthcare. They will share their expertise in survey design and data interpretation including insights regarding the monthly Picker Survey undertaken by most Ontario hospitals. Of special interest will be how beyond the limited questions on foodservice in this survey tool, there are other indicators of value to foodservice directors.


Concurrent Session #3: Eye Appeal – First Impressions Count at Mealtime Too.

• Presented By Nancy Guppy RD, MHSc, Food Industry Consultant , Owner Chapman’s Landing Cooking Studio, Nipissing, Ontario

•Nancy is a registered dietitian, instructor and culinary professional recognized during her career as a leader in institutional foodservice. As a consultant to the food industry and the owner of the Chapman’s Landing Cooking Studio, cooking and enjoying fresh, seasonal food continues to be her priority. For this presentation, Nancy will demonstrate cheerful, affordable tips that will create appetite appeal for your plate presentations….appeal that will result in more positive responses and greater mealtime satisfaction for your patients and residents.

10:30-11:45 AM

Concurrent Session #3: “Listening to your client’s voice and Improving your Menu – A Project that shows the way to significantly improved resident satisfaction”

• Presented by Margaret Leaver-Power RD, Resident Services Dietary Consultant,
Leisureworld Senior Care Corporation, Markham, Ontario

•This project was guided with Leisureworld’s Caring Philosophy for providing resident centered care by “empowering resident’s voice and choice” and “honoring the person first and the whole interprofessional team second” to look at concerns and create effective solutions. Margaret and her team realized that they needed to “engage our residents” in a totally new menu planning process. Unlike the previous model for menu planning and development, which had resident involvement once in the process, a new process was created that indicated resident voice and choice eighteen times in the new process. Margaret will outline this new model and relate how positive the response from residents and families has been.

11:45AM – 1:00 PM


1:00 – 2:15 PM

Plenary Session #5: Humour in the Workplace: A Little Fun = Big Productivity

• Presented By: Dr David Posen MD, Speaker, Author, Trainer, Oakville, Ontario

• Known to thousands as “Doc.Calm”, David has enlightened and entertained audiences across North America for more than two decades. As a best selling author and a top-rated Stress and Change Management speaker, he delivers the sage advice of an MD, packaged with the wit and wisdom only a veteran motivational speaker can offer. About the presentation he has planned for this conference David says, “Most people don’t think of work as a place to have some laughs, but if you and your company can create a little levity at work, you’ll be rewarded with less stress, more energy and increased productivity. Humour and play in the workplace aren’t just “nice to have” extras – they are major, value-added parts of a successful work environment”.

•Discover: The four principles of integrating humour into the workplace. The Seven benefits of humour and play at work. The relationship between humour and creativity. And how playfulness
can help bring people closer together.

2:15 – 2:30 PM

Closing Remarks

• Brad McKay, CEO, HFS Healthcare Food Services, Ottawa


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