Pandemic Solutions

Preparation is key when dealing with outbreaks such as H1N1

Pandemic preparation is an issue that today looms larger than ever. This is especially true in light of recent events such as concerns around the spread of H1N1 or, more generally, the emphasis that more organizations are placing upon emergency preparedness.

Given our vital role in making sure food service continues unabated during such situations, Burlodge officially launched its Business Continuity Plan (Pandemic Plan) in September 2009.

To start, our plan addresses some key concerns, including:

• Staff safety, welfare and internal communications
• Adherence to contractual and statutory obligations
• Management of risk
• Maintenance of customer and public confidence and reputation
• The timely resumption of critical functions

Of equal concern in the Pandemic Review was our service response to our clients in health care and how we can provide the support they require in feeding more people in the most effective, food safe, and resource friendly way. In consulting with clients across the country Burlodge arrived at a number of conclusions.

We’ve determined that the Pandemic Solution for clients is comprised of two distinct elements: equipment and ‘one use’ items (disposables). While equipment from Burlodge is normally built to order, in the event of a pandemic when a client needs an equipment solution quickly (within a few days or the next day), Burlodge can provide refurbished equipment on a purchase or rented basis. The stock of this equipment is limited and so Burlodge can only offer it on a first come, first served basis.

Burlodge is also prepared to allow clients an option to ‘reserve’ pandemic equipment. Here, the client would agree to pay Burlodge a set reservation fee and their equipment will be set aside for them and ready to ship in case it’s ever needed (delivery to most parts of the country within 3-4 days, Greater Toronto Area is next business day service).

With the majority of Burlodge equipment available for Pandemic Planning, clients have the operational flexibility to use the equipment for mass re-heat and hold with tray assembly to follow. The operational use of the Alphagen in a pandemic is for the operator to fill the unit with pre-plated entrees and/or soups, and then reheat the products close to service (approx. 50 minutes prior).

Foods can be held for extended periods of time in the trolley. To hold a tray service, the operator would set an angle rack with prepared trays (cutlery, condiments, cold items) alongside the Alphagen and when it’s time for a tray to be served, the operator simply removes the hot meal from the Alphagen, places it on the tray and serves. This can be done centrally or even in a decentralized location because the Alphagen is completely movable.

Concerning tablewares, Burlodge offers a number of ‘one use’ options that can be used in high heat or low heat settings, and that are perfect for pandemic use, when a dishroom is not operating or even in the event of a labour shortage. Apart from plates, bowls and cups, Burlodge offers cutlery packs (regular and full fluid packs) and a multi-purpose dish.

You can never underestimate preparation for situations that demand an immediate and trustworthy response, and with Burlodge’s Pandemic Solutions, consider yourself ready.

Photo Credit: Ү via Compfight cc