Hospital Food Around the World

Hidden Lessons for the Healthcare Foodservice Industry?


Have you read the Buzzfeed article”Hospital Food Around the World” article? I’ve recently come across it—apparently I’m the last person in the web who’s read it— and I’m fascinated to discover about what and how other countries serve hospital food.
The article it’s been extremely popular thanks to the tarnished reputation of hospital food around the world that it’s well exemplified in the images, as well as good old human curiosity. However in the mood for a more insightful and positive note shouldn’t we be taking the opportunity to look at these pictures from a patient’s point of view? How would we feel if were being served that?What can we do to improve? What practices do we have to give up?

Overall, I would say presentation it’s still struggling in most continents. Also, food variety seems to be an issue in certain European countries while others impress by serving close to a feast. Same is the case with Japanese, which aim for admirable balance and variety. Praise should also be given to Australia, which seems to be the only country to show a clean and appealing presentation.

What’s your point of view? What bothers you the most about the pictures? What would you like to see in the future?

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