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Goodbye Microwave, Hello Multicook!

Burlodge UK Shares its Innovative Meal Tray System

One of the natural strengths of being a global company is our ability to draw upon our extensive international resources to better share best practices throughout our partner organizations and with our clients. Wherever we operate, the common thread that connects all our clients is confronting the challenge of shaving costs and tightening operations while still improving patient satisfaction. There are many ways to respond to this pervasive issue, but we feel fortunate at Burlodge that we’re able to offer the insight of our deep experience and help make a difference to day-today operations.

Recently, what’s been generating great reviews and garnering an enthusiastic following among clients in the United Kingdom is our innovative Multicook system, which we find is steadily replacing microwave-based operations. Multicook’s appeal to foodservice operators is found in its sheer adaptability. Its design ensures that it’s simple to install and its functionality is  effortless to operate. Given that each healthcare facility has a range of demands specific to its needs, this system is prepared to meet the operational realities of today.

Easy, Adaptable & Efficient

The MultiCook does not rely on a specific patented technology or food package, nor does it depend on one food processing facility or contractual management agreement to implement. It is comprised of a Lean-tray assembly work pod in a ward-based pantry, so one staff member can quickly prepare meal trays using modular equipment. Meals are then re-heated on demand using the Burlodge Regen 120 oven, which is fast and delivers excellent results.

With this system in place, vegetables are steamed and look attractive while proteins and starches are reheated naturally and retain their moisture. Heat and steam surround the entire entree guaranteeing even heating and no cold spots. Food is charged with heat energy, which allows continued warmth of food after it is removed from the oven. All kinds of foods can be re-heated in the Regen 120 oven allowing for greater menu diversity when compared with microwave use.

The proof of the MultiCook’s influence can be counted in the number of facilities that are taking the step to switch over from microwave systems. At one site, 15 MultiCook ovens replaced 45 microwaves, and not long after that the reviews from both patients and staff registered a notable uptick. Food quality improved, meal service was found to be more efficient and calm, and staff thoroughly appreciated how easy it was to adapt to and use the system.

A Comparitive Analysis

This is a trend that is following MultiCook implementations at a number of sites. A recent survey of a meal service staff team that had been using microwave service previously gauged their assessment after the MultiCook system had been employed. The results were clear:

Multicook is Here

We’re currently in the midst of developing a MultiCook functional plan and equipment system for Canada, so if your operation is intrigued with the prospect of what the MultiCook system could mean for your overall client satisfaction, Burlodge is canvassing prospective partners for trial site locations. Contact us soon and we’ll assess whether your site qualifies for consideration. Until then, take advantage of how our global reach at Burlodge and the experience we bring to the table can help make your local operation world-class in its own right.