Giving Breakfast A Boost!

For what many acknowledge as the most important meal of the day, Burlodge has invested a significant amount of time in researching and developing a breakfast cart that could meet the demands of today’s operations. In fact, we found inspiration through our European counterparts who are accustomed to a ward-based assembly approach as they tend to serve continental style breakfast to patients.

The upshot of our research has resulted in the Breakfast Beverage Cart, a system designed to reach beyond just breakfast and serve as a mobile beverage unit for those operations that want an easily adaptable alternative.

The Importance of Hydration

In Europe, the healthcare sector’s wellness mandate endorses a strong program of hydration for patients. Maintaining patients’ fluids is a vital aspect of care, especially since many people suffer from levels of dehydration with their raised body temperatures and the tendency for wards to be warm. All the positives that result from simply making drinks readily accessible to patients is something that healthcare workers can’t question. In addition to recommending chilled water be made available 24 hours a day, the HCA Good Practice Guide (2006) suggests a mix of tea, coffee, fruit juices, cordials and milk-based drinks be offered.

The Breakfast and Beverage Cart (or BBC) is Burlodge’s answer to simplifying this service. Manufactured entirely in stainless steel, it has an on-board boiler with the capacity to serve 90 cups (15 litres) of hot drinks. The mobile service system features multiple drawers for holding baskets, hotel pans, or ingredient containers, which ensures it’s far easier to access items during service. China can be carried on-board in three standard 500mm square cup baskets. Meanwhile, the integrated toast warming cabinet satisfies those patients who appreciate that they can maintain such an essential morning ritual.

Serving Up the Benefits

The benefits of a dedicated beverage program that goes beyond the standard self-serve approach — where patients go to the ward pantry to help themselves – should be considered an opportunity to engage in greater patient contact. That modest act of offering a midafternoon bedside beverage can mean so much to patients satisfaction, simply for engaging in the one-to-one contact it offers, however brief it may be.

The Breakfast and Beverage Cart can have an immediate impact upon any food operation and would improve not just service efficiency and food quality, but would prove itself an economical investment for all that it offers. No longer would operations have to rely on the all too pervasive ‘self-serve’ areas that tend to look messy and more often than not feature tepid coffee. This highly adaptable system can be rolled out whenever and wherever it is required, ensuring it is one of the most active components of any foodservice operation.

Ready for your operation to get breakfast rolling with a taste of European style? Find out more about our Breakfast and Beverage Cart by speaking to your Burlodge sales representative.