Food Safety During Food Service

Food safety is one of the most significant issues in any food service industry. Food safety equals to life safety. In recent years, news about food borne illnesses and food allergy show serious consequences on both individuals and society. To control food safety, there are some basic ideas in food service processes.

  • Staff training: Make rules for a good personal hygiene, always wash their hands with soap and 43oC water.
  • Food temperature: Keep food out of the temperature danger zone (4oC-60oC), check the temperature log regularly.
  • Control bacteria storage: Except time and temperature, bacteria grow in high-protein food, acidity food, oxygen and moisture environment.
  • Container sanitized: Always sanitize after washing containers and equipment.
  • Avoid cross contamination: Classify chopping boards and tongs.
  • HACCP analysis: Be familiar with HACCP plan and tasks, identify problems before serving to customers.
  • Communicate with customers: Get to know if they have any food allergy.