Doing more with what you have

Manage for efficiency. Trim the fat. Run it lean and mean. However the demands are expressed or imposed upon you, one thing is perfectly clear: these are challenging times for many operations. Budgets are stretched, resources overextended and managers are commonly expected to effectively do more with less. Yes, do more with less – it’s become the guiding mantra of our times.

Alongside this trend is the emerging issue of customer or patient satisfaction. Gauging satisfaction is now driving the way operations measure their success and, in some cases, how they reward staff. As the ground appears to be shifting beneath our feet, managers and staff are trying to react with decisions that sometimes embrace change simply for the sake of change. They assume doing something different means doing something better. Let me assure you that this is not necessarily the case.

At Burlodge we believe the response to these changing times should begin by framing the discussion in a way that recognizes the inherent strengths of your operation. Rather than impose that ‘do more with less’ sensibility from the get-go, we say do more with what you have. Understand first that there are many ways you can improve operations – and by extension, efficiencies – by properly assessing all the elements that go into your service and developing responses accordingly.

In simple terms, client experience dictates client satisfaction, so providing fresh, delicious food options is just the beginning. How the staff looks, the plate presentation, the improved quality of food that occurs when staff know how to use the cooking system to its potential – all these elements should be assessed, refined and implemented. We say, drop your assumptions about what can’t be done and rethink your system in terms of what more can be accomplished.

We encourage our clients to recognize that at Burlodge we’re far more than just the leader in meal delivery equipment manufacturing and design. We are paradigm shifters who have experience from all over our country with connections to best practice abroad. It is this leveraged thinking that should not be ignored.

There are many strategies to adopt in making an impact upon your success. What’s most appealing is that Burlodge is always ready to work right alongside you in making and managing the decisions that are best for all levels of your operation. Together, let’s explore innovative equipment, process, and method. Together, let’s challenge the status quo and do more with what is at our fingertips. Lean Thinking advocates supplier-customer partnership, and so we welcome every opportunity to listen and help you eliminate waste from the entire value stream.  Together, we work.