Menu & Service Ideas


Pillow Talk

These days in Canada there’s a growing interest in Room Service for patient feeding, an idea that promotes all day meal service using touchtone phones or touchscreen television systems to...


Quaker Dry Mix Chocolate Fudge Brownies are a nice treat for Multigen users especially when your Multigen is placed in a pantry that’s located in a resident’s area or long-term...

Holding Meals at Ward Level

We all do our best to serve our meals to patients at the correct temperature – hot food hot and cold food cold. It is a huge challenge which can often be overcome by using a state of the art meal delivery system that provides active temperature maintenance.

Innovations for Senior Dining

In all my walk abouts across the country the one health care sector that seems to be so different from province to province when it comes to dining is senior dining – more specifically long term care. Yes, acuity levels are on the rise and budgets are shrinking. Everyone is being asked to do more with less but wow, what an opportunity to be innovative and come up with some new ideas to make the dining experience a wow event. For our seniors this should be second nature to us.

Let them eat.. biscuits!!

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice warm biscuit from the oven? A little butter, a little jam or whatever you fancy!

It doesn’t matter if your facility makes them from scratch, buys in a mix or brings them in pre-made they all have a great quality outcome with the Burlodge retherm system. Normally our carts do not bake food items but this has been tested and works perfectly. Here are a few production tips to help you produce that perfect biscuit for your patients, residents, clients or customers.

Code Positive

More than ever, institutional catering managers and nutrition directors are always on the look-out for ways to enhance the dining experience. Improving the quality of food, logistical efficiencies, food options and even temperature control – while still making the processes easier for staff to manage – there are clearly many facets to constantly monitor and manage. This is especially truw in the healthcare field where keeping pace with patient demands and shrinking budges pose a particular challenge.