Managing Your Kitchen


The Dishwasher Dilemma – High Temp or Low Temp?

With energy and environment issues at the forefront of the food service industry and cost cutting and food safety at the forefront of the healthcare industry, commercial dishwasher companies introduced a low temperature dish machine to the market. What advantages does this untraditional machine have that its high temperature cousin does not?

Holding Meals at Ward Level

We all do our best to serve our meals to patients at the correct temperature – hot food hot and cold food cold. It is a huge challenge which can often be overcome by using a state of the art meal delivery system that provides active temperature maintenance.

How to Manage Absenteeism in the Workplace

Absenteeism is not a unique problem to food service operations, however is usually present. This is due to increased presence of the union environments and changing economic times. People, even in a “recession” seem to have choices, rights and more options than before. With these in mind, Absenteeism has become not only an issue, but a cause of lower production, decreased quality of work and increased costs of labor. In this article we will discuss some common causes of absenteeism and how to handle it.

What is a Resident Food Committee?

In long term care settings and rehabilitation hospitals and even in other institutional settings that provided extended care, the creation of a foodservice committee made up residents, family, and staff is critical to the success of a dietary functional program.

Go Lean!

Health care foodservice departments today are under considerable pressure to do more with less. Management is challenged to find savings, create efficiencies, provide safe work environments and invest wisely in sustainable yet flexible technologies. As a company that’s been a part of the health care foodservice industry for 25 years Burlodge is able to leverage its worldwide experience to develop new technologies that meet today’s demands. An excellent example of this is one of our recent developments: B-Lean.