Simple from Burlodge

Burlodge has established a reputation in our industry for always challenging the status quo. When it comes to speed cooking or regeneration of meals, we wanted to develop an effective,...
The Cube!

The Cube!

Let’s put ourselves in a patient’s shoes for a moment. Imagine this: It is meal time – the time of day you look forward to.  You’re waiting for your comforting...

Go Lean!

Health care foodservice departments today are under considerable pressure to do more with less. Management is challenged to find savings, create efficiencies, provide safe work environments and invest wisely in sustainable yet flexible technologies. As a company that’s been a part of the health care foodservice industry for 25 years Burlodge is able to leverage its worldwide experience to develop new technologies that meet today’s demands. An excellent example of this is one of our recent developments: B-Lean.