Aspire Entrée Plate Combo

Want to make a good first impression?

Operators across North America have asked – is there a dish that can reheat half portions well? Is there a dish that can keep food items separate from one another so a gravy on a meat does not get the potato soggy? Is there a way we can reheat and crisp up items on a plate while other items stay moist ? Is there a way of reheating diced vegetables without drying them out at the edge ?

Burlodge has the answer

Our newest innovation is a combination plate and lid system comprised of a full rounded square dish and clear lid along with a half size plate and lid. They can all work together or act separately. It is up to you and your need for that patient at that meal. Not only does this dish combination look great but it adds considerable flexibility.

Make a great first impression with Burlodge’s Aspire Entrée Plate Combo.